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Quebec is home to Canada’s largest French-speaking population and is a province rich in culture, arts and natural beauty. Driver licensing in Quebec is managed through the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) which is a crown corporation responsible for driver licensing and vehicles in Quebec. The SAAQ is constantly looking for opportunities to improve Quebec driving laws and the process for getting a Quebec driver’s license.

Quebec Fake ID

  • Farm Tractor (Class 8): Minimum age: 16.
  • Moped or Motorized Scooter (class 6D): Minimum age: 14.
  • Motorcycle (classes 6A, 6B and 6C): Minimum age: 16.
    • Class 6A: all motorcycles
    • Class 6B: cylinder size of 400 cc or less
    • Class 6C: cylinder size of 125 cc or less
    For all classes:
    • One must first obtain and hold a class 6R Learner’s Licence for at least one month; allows motorcycle operation only for purposes of a driving course or an official closed track test.
    • Have held a class 6A learner’s licence for at least 11 months and have passed the road test.
    • Have held a probationary licence (class 5) for 24 months, if one does not already hold a full class 5 licence.

If you want to see everything the province of Quebec has to offer, being able to drive is a great asset. In order to make your journey through the Quebec Road Safety Education Program as smooth as possible, we’ve put together everything you need to learn to get your Quebec driver’s license. Whether it’s for the Class 5 license Quebec mandates for passenger vehicles, or the motorcycle license Quebec offers, or another kind of Quebec driver’s license, we strive to make the process easier.

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